Our Story

We believe in taking the road less traveled. In our case it was a dirt road. Frustrated with complicated ingredients and cheap chemicals in traditional girly body care products, we set out to create something honest, simple, and rugged. Inspired by the dusty Oklahoma prairie and the ancient soothing properties of clay, we imagined a product that didn’t just clean, but could renew and refresh, ground the soul, and inspire wanderlust. We rolled up our sleeves, got our hands dirty, and Prairie Dust was born, a small batch artisan apothecary with products crafted for all who have the courage to get a little dirty.

Our story is Honest. Our ingredients are Simple. No fluff, just good stuff.


We are a tribe of explorers, artists, cultivators who ground themselves through creativity, honesty, and laughter. We believe in getting our hands dirty, unplugging from the digital world and creating stories to be shared for generations. We believe we all share a common ground and we value what lies beneath the surface of others, celebrating our uniqueness/differences.

Our Founder


I could spend hours wandering through the back woods of my childhood home. Finding bird nests, salamanders, taking water samples from the local pond, collecting wildflowers, caring for injured wildlife, and riding horses. Time was never tracked. My mom would ring the big, black iron bell when it was time to head home to get cleaned up for dinner. It seemed like such a shame to wash away the day’s adventures. 

Back then, I had the freedom to explore to my heart’s content. Every day was an adventure. This was all before college, before career, before kids, cell phones, and mortgages. It’s easy to get lost in the everyday demands of life but let's not forget where it all started. It's time to embrace all the dirt in our lives and I am happy to share with you all that inspires me to get dirty.  

Never stop exploring and never stop getting dirty!

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