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Good Luck Horseshoe

March is synonymous with green things and good luck. Green gardens, green beer, and the luck of the Irish. 

In Oklahoma, horseshoes hanging in doorways are a common sight. In fact we have one hung in our shop in the Stockyards. There is also another old superstition that said if you found an old horseshoe (or a piece of old iron) you should instantly spit on it, then throw it over your left shoulder making a wish at the same time. Interesting…..but how on earth did all this lucky horseshoe stuff get started?

Turns out, the lucky horseshoe is a big part of folklore and history around the entire world. Long ago, being a blacksmith was considered a lucky trade and iron was deemed magical because it could withstand the intense heat of fire. The story of Saint Dunstan and the Horseshoe is thought to be the first to explain the superstition. Sometime in the 10th century, St. Dunstan (a blacksmith at the time) was visited by the devil who wanted his horse to be shod. Instead, Dunstan quickly nailed a red hot horseshoe tightly onto one of the devils own cloven hooves, and the devil howled in pain. The devil begged for Dunstan to remove it and he eventually agreed under one condition — the devil must respect the horseshoe and never enter any place where one was hung above the door. 

The legend continued into the Middle Ages, when the fear of witches was widespread. It was thought that witches were afraid of horses and their iron shoes and because of this fear they would never pass through a doorway with a horseshoe hung above it. Because of this, people believed that the horseshoe could keep evil out of their homes and thus bring in (or keep in) good luck. 

So head outside and who knows.....maybe you'll stumble upon an old horseshoe and good luck will come your way!

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