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    Nourish Summer Skin with Aloe Vera

    The aloe vera plant is a beautiful and beneficial plant to have in your home. The pure aloe gel inside the leaves contains over 75 nutrients, minerals, and enzymes plus it can relieve a bit of the itching from insect bites and soothe sunburns.  Your skin could use a good dose of this natural moisturizer in the middle of summer.   Read More +

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    Our Soap Making Process

    Our Soap Making ProcessIf you’ve have ever wondered exactly how our soaps are made, here is a brief summary of what we do and how we do it. We use a process commonly called Cold Process Soap Making, which simply means no external heat source is used. Plant based oils like olive, rice bran, coconut, and cocoa butter are weighed and melted together. We then blend the heated oils with an alkali solution (lye).   Read More +

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    Welcome to Stockyards City!

    We are proud to have our flagship store located in Stockyards City, Oklahoma, a historic area synonymous with cowboys and cattle. The Oklahoma City Stockyards is one of the few remaining live cattle markets in the United States. Since 1910, more than 100,000,000 cattle have passed through the gates leading into the Oklahoma National Stockyards Livestock Exchange and you can still catch a cattle sale on Monday and Tuesdays.   Read More +

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    Spring Cleaning for Your Skin

    Spring cleaning isn’t only about cleaning out your closet and garage. Cold and dry winter air can leave your skin feeling itchy and looking dull. Treat your skin with these tips and get glowing this spring!1.       Clean up your beauty stash!   Read More +

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    Make Your Handcrafted Soap Last

    You’ve finally found your favorite scent and brought home the most beautiful, amazing smelling soap on the planet….but now what??? Because handcrafted soap contains natural glycerin, it retains moisture and requires a little more care than your regular supermarket bars. Here are a few tips to help your favorite soap last longer. 1.       Keep soap out of standing water and away from shower spray.   Read More +

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    Celebrate Earth Day!

    Earth Day has been celebrated every April 22nd across the country since 1970, and thanks to grassroots organizations and individuals like you it has expanded to a global movement!  If you are wondering how you can make a difference, here are a few of our favorite and fun ways to celebrate the Earth! 1.       Take a hike. Celebrate Earth Day by lacing up your hiking boots and getting some fresh air!   Read More +

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    Bar Soap.....a Sustainable Choice.

    April is all about sustainability on The Prairie. With Earth Day and Arbor Day on the horizon we decided to shed a light on why bar soap is an environmentally friendly choice for you and your family. We understand that making the switch from liquid body wash or shower gel to bar soap can be difficult for some but consider these reasons to make the switch to a greener choice. Bar soap has more environmentally friendly packaging.   Read More +

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    Making Beer Soap

    As small batch soap makers we often wonder, “Hey….can I make soap out of that?” Fruit purees, essential oils, dried herbs, and teas are all amazing in a bar of handcrafted soap but what about trying one with beer? Inspired by the approaching warm weather, long days in the garden and of course the upcoming Irish holiday St Patrick’s day, we decided to create a bar of soap with one of our favorite pale ales! To make handcrafted soap you only need 3 things…water, fat...  Read More +

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    Good Luck Horseshoe

    March is synonymous with green things and good luck. Green gardens, green beer, and the luck of the Irish. In Oklahoma, horseshoes hanging in doorways are a common sight. In fact we have one hung in our shop in the Stockyards.   Read More +

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    Think pink!

    At Prairie Dust, we love to use ingredients that can pull double duty……. beautiful and beneficial. This keeps our recipes short and simple which is just how we like it.   Read More +

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