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Bar Soap.....a Sustainable Choice.

April is all about sustainability on The Prairie. With Earth Day and Arbor Day on the horizon we decided to shed a light on why bar soap is an environmentally friendly choice for you and your family. We understand that making the switch from liquid body wash or shower gel to bar soap can be difficult for some but consider these reasons to make the switch to a greener choice. 

Bar soap has more environmentally friendly packaging. A recent Swiss study found that bar soap has a 25% lower carbon footprint than its liquid counterpart. This is due to the much higher energy requirements to produce the raw materials and packaging for liquid soap and also the average consumer uses 6 times more liquid soap per wash!  Our paperboard soap boxes can be easily tossed into the recycle bin. 

Bar soap is made with sustainable ingredients. We only use sustainable plant based oils in our bar soaps. We made the choice in 2014 to make all of our products palm oil free. Palm oil is obtained from the fruit of the African Oil Palm Tree and is the most widely consumed vegetable oil on the planet. Unfortunately it is harvested using less than sustainable agriculture practices and is a leading cause for rainforest depletion and species endangerment. 

Quality bar soap can be found nationwide so you can purchase bar soap from your local soap maker and forego all the shipping/freight expense. Shopping at your favorite farmers market is a great way to use less fossil fuels and show your support for local artisans and the environment. 

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