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A collection of our adventures, recipes, and inspiration out here on the Prairie.

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    Because We Like to Get Dirty....

    We make soap because we like to get dirty. As kids, we never thought twice about splashing in that puddle, making mud pies, or picking up that toad we found in the backyard.  And who says when you grow up you have to stay clean and perfect all the time? Not us!   Read More +

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    Beat the Heat with Prairie Dust Inspired Cocktails

    Summer is in full swing here in Oklahoma and the heat is turned up to the max! Instead of letting the summer heat get the best of us, we are creating refreshing spirits to quench your thirst and defeat the heat! We took advantage of summer’s fresh herbs and vegetables and created two unique cocktails inspired by Prairie Dust’s best-selling summer scents!   Read More +

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    Why Palm Free

    You can usually find us documenting our many Oklahoma adventures or exploring the southwestern United States but we also believe we have a social responsibility to think bigger. In 2016, we made the choice to make our entire product line completely palm oil free. Palm oil is obtained from the fruit of the African Oil Palm Tree and is the most widely consumed vegetable oil on the planet.   Read More +

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